Things To Do in the Snow in Riverhead, NY

Things To Do in the Snow

Everyone loves building a snowman—even the employees here at Riverhead Nissan! Expand your snow-covered horizons and check out some of these other things to do in the snow to make the best of the tail-end of winter.

Have a Fortified Snowball Fight

Snowball fights are a classic winter activity. Take yours to the next level this year by building forts beforehand. Construct thick walls for protection out of snow at various places in the yard and use them to make your snowball fight a little more challenging and dynamic.

Make Shoveling Fun

Shoveling doesn’t have to be a drag, and it doesn’t have to be a one-man show either. Introduce a little play into the chore by having the whole family help shovel paths and mazes through the snow before finishing the job.

Make the Snow Your Canvas

Take art class outside after the next winter storm and paint the snow. Use old, thick paint brushes, or mix food color and water in a squirt bottle for easy sketching abilities.

Get Close to Nature

Have you ever noticed how quiet it is when the earth is covered in snow? Head to a nearby park and listen for animals and birds rustling through the snow-covered trees. Look for animal footprints and observe how the rest of the species spend their snow days.

Things To Do in the SnowNo matter what you do to have fun in the snow, make sure to get outside and get exercise even when it’s cold outside!


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