Riverhead, NY Attractions: Things to Do in the Area

Riverhead, NY Attractions

Looking for Riverhead, NY attractions? There are plenty of things to do in the area this winter, from the well-known aquarium to dining at some premium restaurants. Read on to learn more about local attractions near Riverhead. Whether you’re visiting or you’ve lived here all your life, there’s something for everyone.

Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center

First, according to Trip Advisor, you must stop by the Long Island Aquarium and Exhibition Center. The center was opened in 2000, and it’s been drawing massive crowds since—about 1 million people since it opened its doors. Located along the Peconic River, this facility is the first large-scale aquarium to open in New York State in the past 35 years. The building is home to one of the largest all-living coral reefs in the western hemisphere, and it has more than one million gallons of water.

Paumanok Vineyards and Martha Clara Vineyards

Vineyards are a must if you’re in the area. Check out the Paumanok Vineyards and Martha Clara Vineyards, each of which is among the top in the region. You can visit for barrel tasting events to find the best wines, and you can also simply enjoy the scenery of the vineyards themselves. Long Island is especially well-known for its crisp white wines.

Riverhead Raceway

Finally, see the Riverhead Raceway. You’ll be sure to enjoy this local landmark, which is the only auto racing venue on Long Island. There are multiple racing divisions, including Modified, Whelen All-American, and demolition derbies, among others. Kids and adults will be sure to enjoy this time-honored tradition of American engineering.

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