Nissan’s New Line of Commercial Vehicles Ready to Compete

Nissan’s New Line of Commercial Vehicles

It’s said that 17% of all truck sales each year are from commercial sales to businesses. Small business owners, contractors, government agencies, builders—you name it; they need vehicles that can handle their work, which is one reason why Nissan’s new line of commercial vehicles has been a long time coming. Thanks to the imminent rollout of sleek new Nissan cars that work hard to perform a wide variety of tasks for specific needs, that’s all changed.

The Nissan Titan pickup truck is already available in four different versions, and Nissan has just announced that there will soon be a King Cab edition up for grabs as well. That’s just what many business owners will need in a pickup. With a complete Titan lineup, Nissan is now officially in the commercial sales truck game, capable of offering a powerful performance in multiple configurations. The brand also offers an impressive lineup of commercial vans that will appeal to businesses as well.

Before the Titan lineup was complete, it was difficult to convince business to choose Nissan. This was largely because businesses didn’t want to get their vehicles from multiple locations. But now that Nissan offers the whole package, they can make a big presence in the commercial sales market. We may be used to selling Altimas and Muranos at Riverhead of Nissan, but it’s clear that Nissan has bigger plans for the future.

Nissan’s New Line of Commercial Vehicles

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